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Outcasts☆ Water PK + Defending island with Alamat brothers

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Good fun PK against chinese alliance with the brothers Alamat, the best players of server,
fighting chinese alliance with them more entertaining than tyrants and the band of losers :police:
>Chinese do better job in water PK<

Songs used: Lil' Wayne   A Milli (K Theory Remix)
                     Veorra - Secrets
                     Echos   Silhouettes  

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>Chinese do better job in water PK<

great video brother 

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Omaha beachhhh  :-*

Disbanded Gestapo twice in a single week.

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lmfao the sharks are comming , good vid + oc is disbanded sorry

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ez pkr  LOL
they give more challenge than tyrants LMFAOOO
ps : awesome music l3l


great video bro  ;)

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nice video boss OC  #1  :-* 

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LOL Chinese give more challenge then Tyrants. Nice video.

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anak ka nang puta Alamaaaaaaaaaaaat
hi im tea lol

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Good video rev :-* too bad the pk is when im at work QQ
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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looks fun nice video bray,,  :police: :police:

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why is oc so good ?


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fucking easy pk dude nice video

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lmfaao,, marathon pk got bored went afk, guess the sharks got me once  :normal-2: nice vid dude
random quote here with no meaning.