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Happy birthday Darling <3

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Happy birthday Cassie!
I'm happy to have someone beautiful and kind like you around as a friend.
I hope your day is filled with thoughtful and happy wishes.
Have a great birthday babe !

I hope you have a great cakeeee.


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Happy birthday babygirl  :normal-48:
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Happy Birthday Cassie booo  :pig-29: :pig-29:
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Happy birthday babygirl  :normal-48:
omg u know its not today @-@ *blushes*

happy day of birth guy

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Happy bday to one of the most kindestestests and generousests person I`ve ever met. :normal-23:

Here, have pizza!

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  • lol u still alive?

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I can't quote everyone individually on phone and I haven't had time to get on pc yet, but I wanted to say thank you so so much to everyone who has sent birthday wishes! ❤❤

Now I have to go finish making candies for minime's school party today.  :-[

Also that pizza. So hungry now. 😍
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happy bday noop have good one !

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Happy birthday noob have a good one :3
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