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Last Warning Video for my babies <3

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Omg omg omg first yayyyyy 

Will watch when i get home.. in 2 days

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No I'm first, those two don't count !  :normal-28: :normal-5:

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that was fun.
nice video police

Thank you Mari for the signature.

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Nice video and music  :-X

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rip one of the best guilds i was in, been awesome, hope to see u my friends back soon 
great video ania :normal-48:
warning #1 rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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what ? why u mean by last ???

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I trash talked you guys a lot but in the end I respect how you stuck in there against the odds and helped keep pvp interesting. 

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last video where in Warning
oh , didnt know she joined blehh

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Kaileena good video.  :tiger-1:

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