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Cancerous voting site [xtremetop100]

Offline Zandskel

  • Lange Schlange
  • Characters: Pyrosha
  • Faction: Onslaught/Treeants
I have no idea why do you constantly switch from 2 sites to 3 and back and forth and the last time that you added xtremetop100 to the list, in order to balance gold / vote you made the sum be still at 4, however you haven't at all addressed to the issues people have been having with xtremetop100. For an example, I have been able to vote through there only once ever since the change was made.

Remove this cancer from our society, I understand you need more popularity but I can't even access their site ever since you re-added it so I imagine that you get maybe 10 % as much attention through there as you would through the other voting sites, so is it worth the loss of 37.5 % gold / vote session for players to get 5 % more attention? I don't think so

RAmen :police:

Offline Agatio

  • Developer
I would gladly remove that site for good it if wasn't as important, but still it's Perfect World toplist with more traffic than all other PW toplists combined and this simply cannot be ignored.    :monkey-21:

Also I have absolutely no problem loading the site and voting with phone's 3G network. Have you tried it?

Offline Zandskel

  • Lange Schlange
  • Characters: Pyrosha
  • Faction: Onslaught/Treeants
Not everyone uses their phone for browsing like the majority of youngesters these days, thanks for your input though Agatio, I'll try to do a thorough debug on my network to root the issue and hopefully solve it for many others.

RAmen! :police:

Offline Supermean

  • ♥Supergirl♥
  • ♥❀ 02.11.2014 ♥❀
  • Characters: Superman/Supermean/SuperMeaN
  • Faction: Apollumi
I have also problems with this cancer site, well since ppl dont recieve gold from it ppl wont bother soon even keep voting on it rofl.
♥❀ 02.11.2014 ♥❀