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Outcasts vs Tyrants DT/PK


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hate cringy weebs
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So many videos of Tyrants getting destroyed ow
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Nice Video Treppe enemy drop dead :)

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Why are you all posting video of sht pk? I would be ashamed if I posted these http://prntscr.com/9yg2zw

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I am glad there is a pov from this party, 3:05 that was the entire window I needed to get the quest btw.

Good video, enjoyed it, fun DT please bis.
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Easy pk as usual not even worth making video of these unknowns who can only bark on forums tbh.
Always nice having you in PT John, and nice video bro. They stood no chance yet again..

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Dude. Tell Rubin to stop chasing and bewitchimg me and taking all my chi!

He so mean.

Good video,  I honestly didn't have a lot of fun, a little too massive for my return after two weeks so didn't find it that fun. Hopefully next time it will be different 

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Nice video John shit music tho ^.^ 

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lmao loser you traitored maxime make video now hahahaahaa

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Nice video. We don't see the sneaking Ducks squad. We were ghost  :tiger-37:

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