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happy birthday Andrei/Vermilion

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:pig-29: :pig-48: :pig-29: :pig-48: :pig-29: :pig-48:

happy birthday Andrei, cutest and bestest person in the world
:pig-48: youuu

now you can't call me old :pig-13:
(2mins early cos im impatient hehe)

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Damn dude, Happy Birthday Noop!  :-*

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Happy bday br0, a lot dragon lorez and many headshots : ) 
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happy birthday my friend

Apollumi the champions


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O-M-G. LA MULȚI ANI , ANDREIIII !   :tiger-40: :tiger-40:
Tot ești nașpa ..
Mari is bae.
" B*tches be worried 'bout the wrong & I'm the wrong thing. "

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  • put some respek on my name

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heie happy birthday buddyguy i buy u m0re facial piercing + hand bracelet for win in 1v1 LmaFEOPaoerEaeeEeE (flag:us) lose to camronand SUFFER


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U r old lmae, Congratulations... 1 year close to death.

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