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x ea

edit: oh my god rip music, i'll fix it when i wake up :tiger-9:
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FIRST, broooo it was good music ): sad man + ur almost as good as me 
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to easy brother kiss from me :-*


die to frail blob lol

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Good video mate keep them coming :)


Good video brother! I look like your bitch tho... ahahah

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what is with these hideous chat covers they make videos almost unwatchable 

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Good video, was too easy.

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We were whiping them so fast i didnt even see them tought pve event :-\ :'(

OT:Nice video  keep up with good work

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Good vid student of Wigglytuff music also nice :-* :-*

Made by Snoopie

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Destroyed  ^-^ ^-^, you didn't even need a party it seems looool.
Music is great
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My baby link all alone. 
I promise I'll be there next time, you don't have to go through this alone; we can do this together. Me and you. 
I'll lead you, and the noobs that join (kialandi,zhake,trey and other randoms) and we will all be there together. 
I love you, kiss. 
Don't do this again, I'll always be there, you don't have to go squadless, I'll always lead, just for you.