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Make R8 gear TRADEABLE

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Hello GM, i would like to suggest to turn R8 gear tradeable, im jealous of all my mates getting good rolls on R8, 2x crit, atk lv 3x crit, atk lv 2x+ 2x crit, full mag wrists, 3x atk lv wep+crit and i spent ec alot and cant get a shit, i would like to buy gear already reshaped with the stat i want from other player, like he could sell me his wep, or pieces of armor.

Please GM ty

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kitty stew

great idea bro

/GM ban him pls

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The great god mentalista has spoken.
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Oh man, oh man
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+1 This is a really good idea! Just make it class restricted so that you dont see barbs running around with 5aps base rofl

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u qqed abt 10k ec, i cant take this srsly, ppl have spend 4m+ just for 1 char, (but ye sure :D ofc +1 smart suggestion)
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Yes yes yes yes +1  :pig-4: :pig-8: :pig-26: :pig-23: :pig-24:

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Nah just make it so you can pay Aga to make your  wep :D 30$ for weapon 20$ per armor ;)
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+1 I neef 3 def lv. wep.

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Holy sh*t what a great idea!  :normal-20:

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