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28x28 faction icons

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Would give people more ways to get creative lets face it  working with 16x16 pixels is a pain in the ass.

it's a very easy thing to do as i have done in in a few minutes to every icon. the only problem would be is the traffic of people wanting a new icon but a lot of guilds are dead so should not be too bad.

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I made that, click image to see more.

Offline Grimmy

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+1 yassss would be much easier to see

Avy by 🌠Habits / Siggy by ßlith♡

Offline Moon

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I would honestly prefer 99x99 icons, above the faction name so i can see it better for dem screenshots  :police:


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Can you do something a bit smaller but bigger than stock?

Offline Grimmy

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Aga, is this do-able? =o
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no thanks lol, current icons look completely fine

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Never without my squad❤❤❤

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Yaaaay ofc +1 more lag in mass pk how could i say no  :police: :police: :police: :police:

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Offline Harry

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No, 16x16 is big enough to work with unless you are totally inept at using photoshop

kitty stew


gaudy and looks out of place 

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i dont mind either way