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Happy Birthday Brent!!!

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my best friends and one of the best most genuine person I met in this game: Brent aka IcyTech aka BeNicePlease aka PinkAfrikan, I hope you have a nice day buddy, take care!

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Happy birthday , hope you gonna have a good one ;)
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Happy Birthday  ^-^

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Happy birthday bro

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happy birthday nerd!!!!! 

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Happy bday PinkAfrican

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indeed Brent is awesome person , was actually really nice to meet you in this game hardstyle fan :3 , happy birthday Brent , have a good one and enjoy it , hugs.  :normal-25: :normal-25: :normal-8:

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happy rofl3lok3k

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Happy Birthday, faggot.

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Have a good birthday please 


Awww happy birthday African fren :-*  :-* hoop jy't 'n baie lekker dag ♡ miskien kan jy nou meisies kry, but I wouldn't bet on it.  ;) 
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Happy Birthday Brent!! 
Hope you had a wonderful and special day today! 

[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner

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Happy birthday dude


Happy Birthday bro 
Me Wuvs you  :-*

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Birthday is nice man 
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