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Fun mass we had last night after TW. Holymoly was there also helping.

Video is fresh out of the oven so might take a bit before full HD quality is available.


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Nice vid,gz AE
ι ℓσνє уσυ ѕσ мυςн αιzєℓ😻

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Was fun pk!! Nice video.

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Thanks for the pk nice vid.

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Wtf did i saw? Holypath wr?  ??? 
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3


Wtf did i saw? Holypath wr?  ???
you are right sir like Albert Einstein say'd Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new   O:-)

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I blame Wigglytuff

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All factions did good job in pk, like always. GF Rise/OC/Ruthless/AoW. It looked like fun, im sorry i missed it.

OT: Good vid dad, keep it up sir. :police:

#ArchEnemy #1

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