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Auspicious pres. Outcasts☆ vs Alliance | Destruction on Merge

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Lag was real in this pk , my fraps randomly stopped few times , hope you enjoy .
P.S: OC #1 :police:

Track list :
1. Alvita - Galaxy
2. Cash Cash x Adrian Lux - Bullet
3. Hopstady x Flipbois - Burning up the place
4. Fabian Mazur - Hippo ( Dat Girl Got Booty)
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First, will watch later when  internet gets better :police:

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good video brother, enjoyed watching, keep it coming 

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good video i am getting proud

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good video man  :police:

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Enjoyed watching nice aa and supporting your noob pt lead  :police:
hi im tea lol

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good video my man

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You make all Outcastians worldwide proud  :police:

Disbanded Gestapo twice in a single week.


Damnnnn soooo easyyyyy!! Goood video brother !!
Nice Video Bruhther Outcasts dominates the server again well done guize easssiiee peezzee

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i wonder where u found 1st 2 songs.... nice1 bro 

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track list fagget

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Track list added :police:

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Great video + music.
I'm so proud of my little brother wtf ..
I have no words to describe how much you have evolved in such a short time at making videos and editing them. You still have to learn,but yeah. Good job,Alex  ;)
Mari is bae.
" B*tches be worried 'bout the wrong & I'm the wrong thing. "