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Forges in Misfortune.

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I don't know if its already been suggested, but, can you add all forges (R8 and etc) in this city, since it is known as the trading spot of most merchants. I would also request a Commission shop NPC added there as well. tnx.

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people trade in EC at misfo.. not coins, wheres logic in commission shop?

other idea is equally unnecessary


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-1, it's too small to have forges and whatnot in it.

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-3 dont dare to ruin OC afk spot

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People will go there and generate lag for the merchants. 
I can barely go to ether on most days..

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If they won't add an elder to Allies, they aren't going to add Forges to misfortune. 

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+1 so OC has to change afk spots cause of lag


+1 Would be nice having more afk players in that area <333

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-3 dont dare to ruin OC afk spot

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No, there's forges located in many other places.

Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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-3 dont dare to ruin OC afk spot
This. No point in adding it there anyway.