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hidden veno skins

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While I was looking at some things to edit I found this

there was also a skin for cat type veno

I made that, click image to see more.

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*-* wow i wanna se the cat one :-*

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Im curious on what the cat one looks like.

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I made that, click image to see more.

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Thanks Neve

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Echo had mentioned before that she found a few unused veno skins in the files, including the dragon/scale ish textures she shared. I wish they had added those.  :(
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Perfect World : Attack of the furries

TBH. They were probably going to make them furred like barbs originally but went the anime kitsune lolicon route instead.

Eye candy > Realism 

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This is some kinky shit, 

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Damn this is fun, i remember that time when ppl used to do wall hack to check the tideborns map before they come, they was like, OW THERES A HIDDEN MAP ON PW THAT WE CANT ACESS BY NORMAL WAYS.

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