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[short] Alpha (Swane) gets his eggs cracked lmfae

Offline Salt Lord

  • You're so mad at a game.
  • Who are you and why do you seem to have some weird obsession with mentioning me in EPW comments?
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LmaE he boil his egg from an angayry laeioul



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  • Yea that guy
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Common chat had me dyin. Swan got homo'd by Xarcinogen ez.

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LOLOL , that chat dude...lmao

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  • Ba dum tssss
  • Courtney was here. ♥ Sophie too! ♥ and Sabine. ♥
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Progress over perfection.

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Battle of the losers man ...

Offline ProDiGaLL

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  • wat dat mouf do
lmfao Alpha's egg is boiling from anger

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Scrambled and put on toast r0fl fukdd Indian x cosplayer 
may be seen checking forums at times of boredom and nothingness to do

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eggs for dinner i guess guys  8) :)) ;D like the chat cover and skillbar cover btw are those bollywood/tollywood stars bro

Offline Kasai

  • рассвет <3
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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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LOOOL that chat.


Offline Rull

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Alpha got werket. Mr. More Mouth than play 



Offline Swane

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no egg broken oops 

Alpha got werket. Mr. More Mouth than play

don't bark little unknown 
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Offline Swane

  • Creator of Elven Archer
  • Characters: Almighty
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nice skill bar cover, pray to shah rukh khan for luck lmao 
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