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Game crashing

my games keeps crashing around every 10-15 minutes can anyone tell me why?? its getting really annoying cause its crashing all the time :/

Offline Agatio

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Did you download full client or used some patch? if you used patch you may expect crashes so you will have to download full client.
i downloaded full client  :-\
i downloaded full client when i first dowloaded game been crashing every 10 -15 mins like that since then

Offline Nightstalk

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Have you updated your drivers? Search for updates and do it. You got a memory leak it sounds like.
are you using HP ? if so download HP support assistant as well and let that program help you find updates and problems to fix.
yup all my drivers are updated and no im not using hp

Offline Nightstalk

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well some program/updates are missing. as you got memory leak. So start search on your computer.