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Dreaming Stronghold - Banker/Mailbox

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The banker and the mailbox in Dreaming Stronghold are outside of sz.
Above that it's kinda far from the other npc's in the area.

Is it possible to move both closer to the gods giving/teleporter/spawnpoint like it is in OT / HHV / HO / SP?

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kitty stew

-1 move it further away..  in fact move all bankers and mailboxes outside sz

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+1 please..
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I agree with this beautiful instagram model here
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+1, i support (just like a good bra)
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+1 for qt
Awww, you are. :normal-8:

+1, i support (just like a good bra)

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this is already being taken care of, agatio will move it next patch

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+1 since those npc's should always be in sz