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Add Elder to Allies Camp

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Could Allies Camp have an elder NPC be added so that my faction can change stat's?

Sundown town, even minuscule places have an NPC that can change stat's w/ reset notes.

Pls agatio

or add the function to the Gods Giving NPC's!
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  • Pleb.

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-1. Stop being lazy or choose a better afk spot.

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Adding it to gods giving would be awesome so there will be more places with it and it's easier to find. 
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Why not?

The function can be added to Blacksmith, just like at Spire of Awakening.

I don't need it, but some people do.

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if it will be added in god's giving it will be good for playoffs :)

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+1 adding it to gods giving  :police:

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There's no reason to have an Elder there when there's already one in Arch. -1

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