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New skin for Veno Epic pet


i know that veno pets : night owl , astral drake and battle deer pets are from Jade Dynasty 
but they just look like the pet not evolve yet in jade dynasty , if epicpw could make veno pet look like they already evolve in the new patch of jade dynasty will be so great .

and also the new xmas pet : Battle Snowman ( also pet from Jade Dynasty )

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No, that's hell huge pet.

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Probably the same story as the white fox.

Some people won't like it because they got used to them, others wont get it.  :(
+1 for my fellow foxies.


+1 for darke
i use that pet for everything , plz add tnx O:-) O:-)

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+1 for darke
i use that pet for everything , plz add tnx O:-) O:-)

Yes please  :tiger-30: :tiger-40:

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Drake + Owl looks AWESOME! :o +1

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+1, if size is a problem I'm sure Aga would make them smaller like he's done with stuff in the past

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+1 the Drake looks good.

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remove venos they are annoying
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remove venos they are annoying

ahahaha so much salt :( You love me don't you? :(

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ahahaha so much salt :( You love me don't you? :(
Born in the salt mines, amen!  :police: