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Happy New Years Eve!

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What the title says, guis. Happy New Years Eve everyone!  

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Love is not just a verb, it's you looking in the mirror.

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Happy New Year, lovelies!  :tiger-48:
"I'll see you when I'm back... and thank you..."

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Happy New Year's!
Drink lots of alcohol~ 

Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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  • Let the games begin! The mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
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Happy new year guys !

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happy new year everyone ;) :-*

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Happy new year to anyone
Hope everyone gets in next year what he/she needs/wish for.
Happy new year  everyone! let the monkey year bring you all the happiness and make all your wishes come true! finally logged in.. fuck you red wine!

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Ty Mari, Dendoora, and Leonora


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happy new years hehe ;  )

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Happy New Year everyone  :)

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