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Can we have a event page where we know which in game events are currently " ON " and which ones are " OFF " ?
Like in game or in site?
I think its better if its added in game  :P

Well because in game its always hard to find out whether Ice Legion/Fire Legion is on when i just log in, end up missing PVE xd

So I personally think that its better if we have like extra stuff to allow more people to be more ' aware ' of the events ongoing currently in game.

Just a suggestion! no h8 m8 cheers m8!

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these hoes aint shit

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You could just check the spots after logging in, it wouldn't take long.
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I personally think there is no need for it, sorry-

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+1 Would be nice to have it on the website. But we already have too many haters so probably will never happen...
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It'd be nice to have it below the panel where it shows which gm is online. 
Especially with FL. But I don't mind either way.
So + / -

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+1 would be cool if we could get that


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+1 coz you're from worms/shades xD