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Star Wars Event

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This is a contest similar to the one made before for Final Fantasy but this time it will be related to Star Wars.
Are you ready to pick a side ?
That's exactly what you will have to do, but more information on that in a bit, lets start explaining the event first.

So in this Event you will need to complete a few challenges.
Challenges are the following:
~Identify the Characters~
~Identify the Weapon~
~Brief Explanation~

So lets begin with the identification of the following characters. You will need to list all the Star Wars characters that are in the images below.
(You can use as an exmaple, 1. xxxx 2. xxxx 3. xxxx and so on...)

Next task is simple, i will give you a list of names and you will need to write the colour of the Lightsaber to that character.
(the first appearance of the character using a lightsaber on screen)
The list is the following: (open the spoiler)

Next task is a simple Q&A. Answer correctly the Questions for extra points.

Next task is pretty simple. I just need you to explain "why" did Anakin Skywalker chose to join the Dark Side of the Force.

Alright guys below i will post some informations on how to participate in this event.

First, you will need to know how to participate. This is simple, all you need to do is to PM EvilTouch here in the Forum with all the required tasks. Topic will be closed so only the PM's will be accepted.
NOTE:Add "Star Wars Event" to the subject to be easier for me to identify.

Second, each task will have a maximum percentage of 100%. So there are 4 tasks to complete, it wil be 400% divided by 4 = xx %, this will be your percentage. You will need at least 95% to win the extra prize and also the title.

Third, you may only submit 1 PM for 1 Character for 1 Account. Upon checking if you break this Rule all the exceptions will not get the rewards nor titles, only the Main account. You must include the character name.

Next you guys need to know the % on each task.
Each correct answer given will have a certain %, adding all together in end and diving it by 4 will result in your final %. This % will determine if you win the extra prize or not.
You will need to reach 95% to get the extra prize.
Below is the list of the %:
Each correct name fromt he cards equals 8.3%
Each Lightsaber correctly answered equals 10%
Each correct answer given in the Q&A equals 5%
The explanation will be either correct or wrong and it equals 100%

Next i will post the rewards and the percentage required to get them.
(This section suffered changes after the Event ended. This was to fit everyone's results. We do not like to leave people out of events nor their attempts at winning so everyone should get something)

So everyone that participates will get the following:
(you will need at least 60% to be accepted as a participant, othrwise people would just answer random nonsense answers)
(the 60% rule was decided tobe removed after the Event ended)
(new rule(applied after the event ended): any player that participated will get the reward below)
Epic Coins x300
Event Token x2
Supply Token x200

Those who achieve 60% or more in the Event will get the following:
Epic Coins x500
Event Token x3
Supply Token x400

Those who achieve 95% or more in the Event will get the following:
Epic Coins x900
Event Token x5
Supply Token x600

There is something else you will need to choose, otherwise this event wouldn't make much sense.
When you PM your answers to participate, you will need to add which side you pick. This decision will affect the titles you get.

You can participate in this Event from December 22nd till December 29th

May the Force be with you...
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Question number 17 had to be changed.
Where it was:
What is the name of the spacial port...etc

It is now:
What is Finn's Star Trooper identification code ?

I forgot which port i was thinking about when i made the previous question, was either when Obi Wan chased grievus or when Han Solo helped Luke Skywalker.
So was best to change it.

For those who already replied me with the participations please simply send me something like:

17. "answer"

i will understand it.

Thanks guys.

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On question 5. there was a mistake where it was "speed propulsor" it is now "hyperdriver".

Percentage had a mistake, where it was "90%" it is now "95%".

Grievus is actually spelled "Grievous".

Thanks for pointing out the errors guys :-\
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Event is now closed.
All the participants will be checked and posted the %'s. Since its New Year celebraiton i will be a bit busy so i will try to have all of this ready to announce next week.

Thanks everyone !
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I didn't have much time this last week due to the lack of time.
I'm revealing the answers now so you guys can start chekcing if you done it well or not.
Event was pretty easy, same as my previous Final Fantasy.
I hope you guys had fun with it. Either searching google or asking friends, wasn't really the point, the points was to have fun.
If any of you never have watched this movies please do it, if you already know the movies and watched them...then watch them again.

In a galaxy far, far way...
The answers were revealed to a group of participants
who decided to take part in an event to obtain special rewards.
Within this rewards there was a hidden reward.
Participants will soon discover this and Epw Staff only hopes they like it.

Guessing the Images:

Lightsabers colors:


Exaplanation on why did Anakin chose to join the dark side.

If there are answers you think that are wrong or not correct rom your point of view, please let me know. You can do this by PM'ing me here in the Forum, PM'ing me ingame (if im online) or on Skype (check my profile information for the Skype ID)

Answers will be checked now, i hope to be finished tomorrow morning if all goes well. Please be patient a bit more :/ Sorry for the delay.

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The results for the event are listed below.
Please search your name, it is in alphabetical order.

_Kyudo_ 92.5%
Ajax 96.25%
AlIucinatio 87%
Areashii 89.2%
Arkos 92.3%
Axii 89.4%
AZREAL 92.5%
Balnazar 94.2%
Berstikida 93.75%
Burdette 95%
Butthead 95%
Cacie 95%
Champion 89.2%
Chaos 79.2%
Deavuam 93%
DontMess 91.25%
Edelweiss 96.25%
Eiphram 93%
Eskimo 91.7%
EverEst 38%
FearIess 95%
Finoobla 92.5%
Frost 71.25%
Haste 90.4%
ICUP (no ingame name sent) 90.6%
Ideaali 61.3%
Introvert 95%
Invader 92%
IrisvarWelu 93%
Ivaaaaaan 94.6%
Jedoga 93.75%
Joeywad (no ingame name sent) 93.1%
Kaid 95%
Kitten 95%
Kyle_ 95%
Labrinthe 88%
Lacrimae 91.25%
Lustful_Ai 95%
Maddelin 98.75%
MaliceBend 94.6%
Markovi 93%
nLumia 91%
Noobward 92.5%
Northpole 98.75%
Nyx 93.75%
Nyxx 96.25%
Parallel 93.75%
PowPowPow 91.8%
RieI 95%
Rippler_Tank 86.7%
Royal 83.75%
Sahaki 89.5%
Shizo 95%
SimeTyyy 91%
Snowmelt 95%
Speedy 88.25%
Squishy 95%
StereoType 96.25%
SuperGirl 84%
SuperMeaN 83%
Syn (no ingame name sent) 94.5%
Three 90%
TiffanyLuv 97.6%
Tom 90%
Tragedy 93%
Traicionara 65%
Tren 88.75%
unwell 89%
Votum 95%
xGreenDay 94%
YellowRanger 90%
Yoong 63%

Congratulations to the Winners.
Maddelin  and Northpole  were the players with the highest %, Well done guys !
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