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Well, folks. Think it's time i said farewell, I'll remember the good friends/memories i made on this P. Server. Staff was great, Folks were eh....nothing I can complain about. Due to some issues for a few months now, I cant find a way to possibly come back to the game fully, So i guess, all in all, it ends here for me. The Ini-edits from my forum shop are still up for grabs for whomever  wants em (They're free as of now). I'll be working on some projects starting today, But if you folks would still like to keep in contact (Request music of sorts/ work on a personal project (Let me know)). Till then, folks.


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Best of luck in whatever you do!


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hey guys I'm quitting here's my skype whothisamy .-.

GL tho

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband


hey guys I'm quitting here's my skype whothisamy .-.
we'll see you in 24h.