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Voting Site 2 not verifying

Offline cody3104

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  • seems ligit
XtremeTop100 site  
this site wont validate, and so I cannot vote on the 3rd site, TopServers200.
Can you fix this?
Thx :-[

Offline Clones

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same its been bug

Offline UnknownS

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works fine for me ;D

Offline cody3104

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  • seems ligit
Then ihy xD jk....  I'm glad it works for someone.

Offline Nea

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Works totally fine
Try to fill in the captcha correctly and wait till it says "good" or w.e 
Had no problem whatsoever
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Offline Mercenary

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the caches r sht
these hoes aint shit


nah, their captcha's broke :p

Offline bob

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welp can't seem to validate the vote on the second site either, was fine earlier today though

Offline bob

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Seems to work now that I've reset my modem.