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OC is back!? vs tyrants

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Outcasts is not back and stil win tyrants ( new commisioner guild 2k15 )

on a side note : soochi almost at cody's(sync guild leader 10 years ago) level of strategy LFMAOWMXL;M

Having this topic clean should not be hard, knowing you all have not the reputation to speak foul mouth towards me.

( Voices of tyrant commisioner in their filthy ventrillo, could almost smell their breathe)
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publish it dumbo

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Omg someone playing my second EA  :'( It wasn't me i swear.

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Didn't watch but bad video since anyone can win against tyrants..

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nice video Rev lol 

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............LOOOOOOOOL roasted

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Trying so hard on vent yet losing so easy in game  :normal-2: only Tyrants and soochi  :normal-2:
we wanna be exclusivvvve  :P


SOOOCHI MAKING STRATS  :normal-2: :normal-13: :normal-2: :normal-14: :normal-2: :normal-14: :normal-2: :normal-14: :normal-2:

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LOOOOL. Nice video.

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Rev Spielberg beat all tyrant videos combined  : oooo

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spying on ppl on vent damn dude u have no fking life :normal-19: this show how much u went to  unknown lvl .. trying get attention  since u faction is dead  u ve got no choice by spying on us and for what ? NOTHING LOL  :normal-2:
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OC MAKING THE EASIES LOOOL   :normal-35: :normal-35: :normal-35:

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The master is back! Nice video Rev ^^
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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loser fac tyrants OC is bk men  :o
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo