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Tyrants Pk 6.12.2015 - CC fest.

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Made a little video also.
Messed up so many things because i was staring at my skillbar more than looking at what's happening at pk, because changed skills/pills locations.
Gotta look at rainbow colors at HP bar  :police:
From my view i think Tyrants won.

Mute if don't like music.

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Yesterdays? cant watch cuz im in work. DId u record me? :D

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Haha keyboard best haha yeah haha
What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.
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Yesterdays? cant watch cuz im in work. DId u record me? :D
Yes, but i think you chased wrong EA whole time  :normal-37: Maybe had you in video when Arti sz sig but video got too long already  :rolleyes:

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At work listening like

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 :normal-2: so easy 
:normal-2:  enemy wouldnt survive longer than 10sec   without warning 
Good Video as always Kermo         everyone dced   :normal-27:

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Nice video and amazing AA as usual in your PT . 

Artifex won PK tho :police:.

P.S.: God bless for using Daft Punk , been long since i heard them, good pick.
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Nice video . Nice music :) 

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i spent more time watching ur UI than watching pk xd

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Look at how many times I died.  :'( Kermo, y u no edit it out?

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loool u just showed the part where russians were helping u guys and yet u got pushed after russians moved the destruction was real!
im wondering what´s happening with ur vids? every single one u only show some parts like this one u showed only 1/3 of  the entire pk where ur not rekt and forgot about the rest. but the best part its that u always come with excuses like i messed up recording loool but am curious u only messed recording the parts where u get absolutely destroyed?
convenient right??

Btw the music 8/10  gameplay 6/10

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Nice 1 
Good AA
Dont like the music tho