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Artifex Vs Tyrants

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No offense intended for laughs only , enjoy .

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Nice one man good to see u back
Good Intro+Great music 

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LMAO Kev. Damn they shouldn't have woken up the beast..

Impressive gameplay even after 1 year of no playing the game , your sq was on top like always man . That intro made me laugh tho LOL hopefully no one takes offense ^ enjoyed the video , hope to see more soon man

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LOOOOL kev i miss u man :-*

miss your vids as well and this doesnt disappoint. good to see you back :)

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xdd ty all sadly i need to go , keep the thread clean guys 
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that intro....lol
nice video

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once again rats went back to their holes please guys don't **** with what you can't handle
kev bro take it easy we don't want them to disband :normal-3: :normal-2:

best game to ever exist

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  • How is life this easy?

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All souls day for Tyrants. You will always be remembered. I will pray for you. Rest in Peace
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dude so easy nice intro, nice video kev my man

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Good video and top notch music brother