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Artifex vs Tyrants/Aeternum/Warning PVP [06-12-2015]

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Artifex vs Tyrants/Aeternum/Warning

WF pov

Fun pvp, enjoyed it, thanks for watching.

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Good job chang (that's your name now)

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Destroy any loser(tyrants) that gets in way 
Easy pk even when outnumbered by tyrants, losers tyrants will remain losers because they never learn 

Nice video

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That resolution tho...

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pk is so easy now days dude it just makes me sad 

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Good job Tommer, looks good.

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hey man nice video. how tf do you play with that map bruh. sht so small id kill myself.
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Demolished and erased form the face of earth  :normal-2: those wr's so bad they don't even know what happened  :normal-2:
I dont know why they think they can match us they must be dreaming still or something.

OT.: Nice video only watched half tho cause 30 mins is too f***ing long LMAO but something is wrong with your 0def Tom , that s*** procs all time LOL, and impressive survivals dude. Well played really.
never replace your guild with randoms

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All souls day for Tyrants
Sometimes darkness can show you the light

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Nice video TomTom keep it up!