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Patch v134

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This patch focuses on many aspects of the game and hopefully everyone will find something useful in it. Rank 8 set bonuses have been reworked, Event Forge exchange system improved, scythe weapons were added to game, along with new fist models, few new smiley sets and some new fashion.  But this is not all.

> Full patch notes
> Manual patch

Offline Stille

  • Hi.
Added following items:
* Scythe weapon skins added for coins
* New fist models for magic and melee classes
* Few new fashion sets and t-shirts
* New eye textures info
* 3 new smiley sets

Other improvements:
* You can now extend your inventory to 96 slots (dock display supported)  here
* Event Forge exchange system improved
* Soul of Silence and Vengeance cooldown lowered to 8 minutes
* Lover's Connection cooldown lowered to 10 mnutes
* Removed useless pots from Lunar TM exchange
* Blackglass Lemur can't be lured anymore
* You can trade Absent Note to 10 Sutra Powder Orbs at God's Giving
* Updated guild icons
* Other minor fixes

R8 set bonus updates:
* blademaster: +30 atk lvl -> +35 atk lvl
* barbarian: additional 3% crit
* wizard: +15% phys reduction -> +3% phys reduction for each gear part
* venomancer: +15% phys reduction -> +4% phys reduction for each gear part
* mystic: +15% phys reduction -> +4% phys reduction for each gear part
* psychic: +15% phys reduction -> +5% phys reduction for each gear part
* other set bonus stats weren't changed, set bonuses for other classes weren't changed either

How this reduction works? Taking as example Psychic which is receiving 5% phys reduction for every r8 piece. So it will be 5% for one r8 part equipped, 10% for 2 parts, 15% for 3, 20% for 4 parts.
Please note that, due to this change, switching to dragon top will no longer be as effective.

Other balance update:
* Dragon Heavy Helmet: 500 evasion replaced with 300 accuracy (you can recraft it in Armors forge, tab Special)



Thanks for patch, but sadly nothing useful for clerics.
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random quote here with no meaning.


any buff for ea? wtf dude, most squishy class in game dont get boost and u get phy camping classed 1% extra? wtf 

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nice bad news for wiz more 123 dies on aps ea, thanks

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Where is archer boost lmfao? At least add 3k accuracy/ some magic defense. 

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Nice Update. Thank you Agatio.



Where is Tundra Stalker?


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wr need 30 def lvls ty

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wr need 30 def lvls ty
that :pig-14:
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any 2X EXP?  :o :o :o