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Posting for a friend ^ Just noticed he mixed the clips from PK , Won the TOA one , lost the Sirry one. Enjoy 
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gameplay was good and also the music. Great job on everyone who were featured in this video.  :normal-1:

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Sab needs to learn about simple models, damn noob mg

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Ty for art Habits. 💖


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Enjoyed, nice vid and music

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Nice video  :police: too bad i wasn't there  :o
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3


Nice Video man
And Welcome back
top tier game play as usual 

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damn Sab making videos again wb

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Made me a little drunk with how you put it all together. Noob music, noob wizard. Welcome back to epw.


one of the last original artifex members who can actually play and doesnt kiss ass  :normal-2: decent video still rusty though

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