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Happy Birthday Persas

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Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great one! :normal-4: :normal-8:
Party hard noob, oh nvm you are getting old, you better have a rest!!! :normal-50: :normal-37:
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happy birthday boss
When winter comes…
You’ll hear no lions roar.
No stags grazing the fields.
No roses growing in the meadows.
No snakes in the sand.
The krakens will freeze where they swim.
The flayed men will rot and wither.
No trouts swimming in the river and no falcons flying in the air.
Not even the dragon’s breath will warm you in your halls.
You shall hear only the wolves howl. And then you will know... Winter has come.

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happy birthday  :)

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happy birthday sir Persas , love me oki ?  cause i lub u , have a nice one brother hahaha x_d_l_o_l huggies , take care be a nice boy , xau , bye kiss , noob , you suck , learn to play, bye. :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-23: :normal-23:

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happy bday man, have a good one ;)

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Happy birthday man! have fun :)

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already talked to you, but since you don't have many friends I'll just wish you a happy birthday again ;) happy birthday, have a great day!

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happy birthday noob :D


Happy Birthday mang !

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Thank you all (even moon)
Lol i fak you

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Happy bday man , hope you enjoy it  :police: