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Happy Birthday Persas


Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great one! :normal-4: :normal-8:
Party hard noob, oh nvm you are getting old, you better have a rest!!! :normal-50: :normal-37:
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Fate whispers to the wolf,
"You cannot withstand the storm."
And the wolf whispers back
"I am the storm."

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happy birthday sir Persas , love me oki ?  cause i lub u , have a nice one brother hahaha x_d_l_o_l huggies , take care be a nice boy , xau , bye kiss , noob , you suck , learn to play, bye. :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-23: :normal-23:

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happy bday man, have a good one ;)

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Happy birthday man! have fun :)

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already talked to you, but since you don't have many friends I'll just wish you a happy birthday again ;) happy birthday, have a great day!

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Apollumi the champions


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Happy Birthday mang !

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Thank you all (even moon)

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Happy bday man , hope you enjoy it  :police: