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Worldchat after mass pk

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can after mass pk, a warning to be given in worldchat that any 'offensive personal worldchat messages will be punished' and the punishment to be mute and the normal, common stuff such as
'easy '
'lol get better'
and such sht to not get categorised as 'trashtalk'
i dont even understand why stuff such as 'you are a sht player' counts as an insult since it relates to the gameplay and lets be honest now
if not all, 95% of epw calls other people sht when they 'gank' or such
just because its not reported or in gm's attention doesnt mean its not there
most people enjoy the 'after mass pk' chat and only people that would suffer would be those that sell stuff? they will live w.o 10 mins of ''WTS >item i bought for 1x < x my alt offered 2x c/o '' (jkin about this one)
people got used to it, only stuff that should be banned = personal, reality related stuff such 'you're a b***h' etc... or stuff related to religion/gender/ sexual preferences

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People should say "ty for pk, see you tomorrow for another round :)" but you know...... its hard

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get a life and learn how to structurate a paragraph meanwhile 

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honestly ur trash kid lMffAOo so mad


Already discussed in a general way earlier, where players made a thread about how petty stuff became ban worthy / mute worthy, this thread is a subset of it, i think ?

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but this aint highschool sry

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"He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire."

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I'm confused what you're asking for

you're saying the game-related insults shouldn't be mute-worthy or that they should be?

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Correcting you: The people who goes sz first enjoys 'after mass pk'. :-\

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-1 people need to calm down
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worthless thread, and it wont be possible people will do that always no matter how long punishment since every one has lots of alt 

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Just 420 blaze it. 

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People just have to stop doing it lmao, everyone on PW says they are 19/20+ but no one can act like they are tbh.
Guess it's hard nowadays to respect someone  :-\

Ty for art Habits. 💖