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Change the login screen?

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So I was thinking about the old rising tide login main menu screen and how much I loved logging on to that music and visuals (very fishy) and was wondering if maybe we could change it back to that, if it's possible and if people like the tideborn theme (because I loved it!!)? Or is there a way you can individually change the login to that?

Sorry for lame idea  haha

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I really like that suggestion!


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Yea, that one is a lot prettier than our current one, but I wonder what the new login screen is going to look like once (or if we EVER ughhh) we get the new classes...
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Updated PWI just to post the login screen from the current version they have live atm.

Wish I could post it animated to show you, sadly I don't have a gif maker dl anymore. And, as you know..The higher your graphics settings are in game... the prettier it always looks when the login screen shows. This is with full graphics on.

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Wait for a New classes....


Wait for new xpac, that'll change it~


Idk the old one looks bad. qq 
New one doe.  :-*

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[24/11/2015 19:24:36] Josh☆: http://prntscr.com/96i7s2
[24/11/2015 19:24:38] Josh☆: best
I've seen this, so yes.
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[24/11/2015 19:24:36] Josh☆: http://prntscr.com/96i7s2
[24/11/2015 19:24:38] Josh☆: best
I've seen this, so yes.
wow. plss tich how to do that  :normal-4:

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I forgot about the expansion!  thanks for the screenshot Habit, it looks really good, might have to update my pwi too just to check it out~

[24/11/2015 19:24:36] Josh☆: http://prntscr.com/96i7s2
[24/11/2015 19:24:38] Josh☆: best
I've seen this, so yes.
Good to know :)

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For those days you just sit there at the login screen for hours pondering what you're doing with your life.