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(18+) Making Babies - Artifex PK 23.Nov.2k15 - CC Mystic

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well.. LOL

what just happLOOOOOLened


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2 words for its.. EZ!!!!!!!
afk  :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:

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dafk why is ur resolution so bad

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Damn, say thanks for finally letting you pk  :normal-2:
Looked useful, not bad.
As you can see from video, i missed it aw :(

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nice one boss easied  :-\
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I'm Not that Good
Maybe am in F*cking, But not at evrything!
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intro was nice , didnt watch all of it and idk why u hide ur skill bar !
gm dont edit my post ???
in nice way , ur so bad !
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easy destruction i guess. enemy needs 40 more for pk , 20 more then us not enough.
those mgs and wrs running arround clueless lmao ...
good video boss
never replace your guild with randoms

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being outnumbered and still manage to win, that's what i call a real win ^-^ nice nice

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Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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Not gonna lie I fell asleep watching this not even halfway through. 

Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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being outnumbered and still manage to win, that's what i call a real win ^-^ nice nice
When you lose its fake pk.

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