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Alright, so recently I've been trying to get full monthly attendance on all of my characters, however sadly due to my real-life coming into the picture- I'm not always able to make it each day to sign in.

I'm sure that this is an issue for a lot of players that have real-life obligations.

As is current stands..

  • Players get 1 absent note weekly.
  • Meaning if you're missing 3-4 day's in a month, you're screwed.

I think that's a bit dumb that a player wouldn't be rewarded for their efforts by missing one or two day's.

So? Why not just change the amount of absent notes given weekly?

Instead of gaining one a week; what about increasing this to two?

This is a very minor change, however I think that increasing the amount of absent notes given a week would allow players who might not be able to log daily a chance to gain the rewards for their monthly attendance. Missing it by one day really sucks, and I've been there countless times.

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Or make it so you can buy absent notes for the cost of EC or Gold

But +1 just cause you asked me to 

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Or make it so you can buy absent notes for the cost of EC or Gold
-1 because I'm mean.  :(

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it will get better once we get eclipse, as the check-in system changes from monthly rewards to daily ones which build from small rewards to greater ones
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-1. its like that with a reason lmao
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