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A few PVE suggestions

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Okay I have a few ideas, feel free to +/- them:

1. Implement a x2 one saturday per month, this is because, in all honesty our x2's are really random, having it scheduled for example, the second saturday of every month gives you time to plan ahead and farm cards and whatnot, and I picked saturday since it's already a pve day (morai, ares, etc) at least the past months there hasnt been a single pk on saturdays other than a random tw or some pk at morai. Also, if there's a previously scheduled x2 due to a festivity (for example christmas, halloween, epw anniversary, etc), the x2 saturday of that month will be suspended.

2. Boost the rewards of Ares to 100 ec, 2 ET, 20~30 st, 1 cog/wwi and 1 universe chest but remove the morai event instead. Basically merge both events, this is kind of to go hand-to-hand with the idea above, have more time and such, and nerfing the morai alts spam since they have to be 150 now instead of 145+.

3. The last idea is implementing more weekly logging events like we had during the EPW anniversary of 2014, I dont recall much of it but you got random freebies during a week, the community can vote on which days this would be convenient but we can agree on Halloween, EPW's anniversary, Christmas and maybe New Year having this by default.

EDIT: The daily logging rewards would apply only to lvl150 chars and require you to stay logged on for 15-20mins.

Feedback would be appreciated.
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1: Tbh they could be more frequent~

2: Also not needed (alt abuse to the max?) -2

3: Wait and see.

Overall, Null (0)

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1) -1
2) +1
3) +1

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1 . nah
2. yes pls bc morai event time is beyond stupid...19:00ST 1h before tw?
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1. -1 2x kills pk  
2. +1
3. +1

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+1 for the PvE queen. especially that Ares one.
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1. -1 2x kills pk  
2. +1
3. +1
That's why I suggested it on saturdays, there's no pk on saturdays so you wont even notice it. Plus it's once per month
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What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.


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1. i have to -1 that cause i think its pretty perfect like it is now with 2x drop
2. would be totally awesome +1
3. i dont care bout that
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1)no 2x that often , let it be for events only
2)remove morai  . merge into ares, sure, this way it will be a 150 lvl requirement and less clients finished at once

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+1 for the 2nd suggestion.

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1) -1 as much as id like that.. too much 2x will just...destabilize economy(which is pretty nasty as it is *SELF CERTIFIED ECONOMIST FROM GOLDENWISHES SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS*)
2) +1 but that's just cause I'm biased and makes ares easier for me, altho I doubt agatio would approve of it... its like asking for bh and HDD to be merged, do one get rewards for both(if this is approved PLEASE MERGE BH AND HDD)
3) -1 people would log alt armies to just stay and afk...would make the lag feel like ares on 24x7 (PLEASE PITY MY THIRD WORLD INTERNET ;W; )

Offline Fab

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3) -1 people would log alt armies to just stay and afk...would make the lag feel like ares on 24x7 (PLEASE PITY MY THIRD WORLD INTERNET ;W; )
If i recall correctly, the daily logging thing was just for lvl150 chars so you cant -exactly- log an alt army
What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.

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i agree on everything you sayd, exept for the 2x thing, no need for that kind of a farm.