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CC-Mystic Hack Tools / Artifex PK 16.Nov.2k15

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Video is too long, the whole pk.
CC Mystic gameplay is hella boring.
You dont have to watch.

Enjoy, or not.
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on-topic: could use less distractions tbh (right at the start you popped something that looked like a HL2 console window open)

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the ui the skill bar block image and the music ay lmao u the best boss

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Good video and epic nice hacks...

Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.

amazing gameplay dog also u sure u dont fly hack?? :)


oh my god looked so easy pk LOL
These guys only talk big in forums and World Chat thats all
but Get destroyed in even numbers pk
Naice video bro+good intro

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You are gonna get alot of hate over this LMAO....

OT : nice video that amount of CC is so annoying reminds me how much i was sick of you lmao ,was easy GvG  and same numbers so no excuses this time.
Music was alright i guess.
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[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner

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I lol'd with the start and the song,wtf xD

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All you did was run around on a flight and hate target Kermo.


Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Enemy easier than lvl 1 radroach in Fallout 4
was fun pk anyway  :police:
my cat carried


nice video, should remove squad list, to avoid showing death of your squad members though  :P, ps target Soochi = insta death better switch the second u see me  :police:, if all you gonna do is cc kermo, make EP and just sog/ freeze him xD so ineffective as mystic
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2:03 ups alliance broken ? ? ? ?
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