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Epic Perfect World 4th Anniversary

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Epic Perfect World is online now for 4 years. We'd like to thank everyone for being here with us, it's a great pleasure to work for you all!
Due to this special occasion, we have activated 2x event on drops and experience that will last till Monday evening!

We have also started 2 new forum events, please check them out!
> Screenshot Event
> Drawing Event

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Happy 4th anniversary
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Happy 4th Anniversary ^^
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Happy 4th Anniversary Agatio and EPW!

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Happy Anniversary EPW!! :33


The banner is so pretty.  :-[

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Happy anniversary Epic!
You guys do a great job

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happy 4th anniversary

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Oh you know where this is going don't you?


Damn, give us free items to celebrate :)

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Happy 4th Anniversary EpicPW! ;D

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Man why 2x when im gone..... :'(
happy anniversary EPW :-[

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Happy 4th anniversary