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Happy Birthday Pedja/Skazy/Strangler/Stiffness ...

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Srecan Rodjendan !!!
Happy Birthday noob, have a nice one !!!

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❃ Thank you ❃ Mari and Alex ❃ for the art ❃


Happy Birthday brother already wished u on whatsapp
Ur getting Old now LELO
facking OLDIE btchboy 
Miss u nigguh but glad to see ur enjoying college life xd

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useless boy
happy bday :-*

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Happy birthday idol, girl getter, music giver, brother, wr teacher & oldie. :normal-4: :normal-23:

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Apollumi#1 champions 6-0 TW 23 weeks record winning DT (7 minutes fastest in the history of epw)

when you and 3 other guilds losing to apollumi and need to find an escape

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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Happy birthday idol, girl getter, music giver, brother, wr teacher & oldie. :normal-4: :normal-23:
Happy bday bro , gib music <3 , hope you have a good one , i miss u feg :(

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happy bday pedja
im still better than u
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birthday of happiness fag

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Happy birthday fag enjoy in belgrade rofl 
Volim teeee Araaaaa <333333
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Fckboi Happy Birthday My Brother and Idol Pedjabigbutt have fun caked up :-*

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Happy Birthdayy brother!!