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Auto pet buffs renewal

Currently, pet buffs are not automatically renewed after expiry, even auto pet buff option is ticked. This makes the auto pet buff function look stupid; because all it does is so little, and it is not really "auto" - you have to manually buff your pet after the buffs ran out. Would be good if it can buff the pets automatically when their buffs ran out. 

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-1, dude it doesn't take any effort to do it manually, and it's not like they last 5min anyway
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 :normal-37: just respawn it

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the auto option is not meant for buffs but normal pet skills, or if you have gold armor deity as special skill, it will work on auto and gives buff (but it counts as normal skill)
i suppose you mean something like rapid shot, which is a buff and doesn't rebuff on auto (and it's short cd, short duration), i get where you're coming from, but people are already extremely upset over how overpowered pets seem to be so any further even small improvements would probably be cried about
it doesn't take a lot of effort to just click on it anyway
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-1 because the game is hard coded...  :(

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I just re spawn my pets if it wears off... I think this would be more effort to code for the gms then its worth.. -1 here 
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-1, it's easy to click 2-3 buffs or resummon it.

Lazy suggestion.
Calm down everyone, take a deep breath. 

This is just something that does not hurt to have, although it is completely optional. The key point to this suggestion is not about being lazy or hardworking (re-summoning pets/clicking the skills), it is about making the game function work better/stronger, subject to the difficulty of the coding. 

The purpose of this thread is to explore the possibility of implementing the suggestion, which takes into account of feasibility, costs and time needed for the developers, and impacts to the game. Of course, I do not expect most players to comment about the feasibility of implementing the suggestion. But it would be more helpful if people can discuss about its impacts, and agreeing or disagreeing based on that. 

Also, the suggestion is only meant for normal skills (especially those buff skills that last 1 hour), 

Again, don't say it is easy to rebuff it manually, WE ALL KNEW THAT. It is also not the point of having this thread. 

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No no, such suggestions cannot be done without source code, and even when having source code it could be difficult to implement (would require constant checking by server if buff is gone)
No no, such suggestions cannot be done without source code, and even when having source code it could be difficult to implement (would require constant checking by server if buff is gone)
Okay, I got it. Thanks.