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-1%, -2%, -4% and -5% Channelling Stones


The reason is obvious. -3% and -6% Channeling stones prevent Dragon geared players from reaching instant cast. I believe everyone would benefit from this, both Dragon and R8 players.

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No stop making stupid threads

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Instant cast is stupid. -1.

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-1. not really a big deal, honestly.

thanks Marea for the Sig
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+1 I like channeling speed ^_^

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-1 instant cast is retarded.

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-1 on the thread
-1 cuz its u

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hun do u post this stuff just to see how much hate u can have aimed at u or what??
sorry -1

Thankies Lacrimosa & Narcissism
for the beautiful art!

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I swear people -1ing just because it was suggested by this idiot, otherwise you would see them +1ing  :normal-19: I mean you can be already instant cast with R8 i dont see the harm having instant cast in dragon gears as well lol, +1 anyway

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-12 as well pls to make up for the 2x chan wrists I'm missing.

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hun do u post this stuff just to see how much hate u can have aimed at u or what??
sorry -1
Looks like it...