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Mob event problems

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Okay, in most mob events, you'll find at least 4-5 seekers afk in vortex, happily pulling in 4-5 mobs at a time in a large radius, with 1-2 people picking up the drops from those mobs. However, everyone else at said event (besides wizards) are able to kill around 1 mob at a time...is it possible to make mobs that interrupt vortex/dragons breath aoe skills on first hit or could you please make vortex / dragons breath bannable in these events? 

I have a 150 seeker but i don't afk him in vortex and grab drops with an alt, mainly because i view it as unfair for the other players there.  :-X

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Or make the zombies spawn in more areas, and have more zombies spawned at a time D:
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+1 it's completely unfair.
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Actually having mobs that interrupt it is a great idea.   :-\ +1
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+1 I am down for interrupting (Kanye West) mobs.

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just wait day or two then start farming your shiits, areas will be empty by then.
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I was able to get up to 400 candies on my psy even tho I wasn't farming during whole event. Anyway +1

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Only spots aren't taken are outside of sz, where you're liable to get ganked. (Hasn't happened to me yet, but I've seen others complain about it.)

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+1 that would be fair

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We may do it occasionally.

Offline BarbWired

  • Clerics still op.
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We may do it occasionally.
Thanks aga would be nice and btw love the halloween patch  ;)