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ye ye ye gm has alot of  work to do gm has alot of players to attend to, WELL THIS applies to every1, game randomly crashes,or u dc and when u relog, guess what? the whole skillset is fked 14 weapons replaced by some mirage celestones and ultimate substance, gm this needs a fix, something like this happening since the start, i never seen this issue in pwi so there must be a fix.
Please delay the new fashion crap and fix major issues
these hoes aint shit

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There is no fix for this. The things that may cause this:

  • Logging offline when the 'Lock' function is activated.
  • Force-logging off your client.
  • Random disconnect / game crash.

Sadly there is no fix for this, other than logging out normally when you wish to get offline.

A way to prevent a lot of disruption would be to keep your inventory as clean as possible with the smallest amount of items you can. This way, even if the skillbar is messed up, it won't be AS messed up.. Considering that this glitch swaps skill-slots w/ random items from your inventory. 

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Try using link 3 or 4, those are more stabil than 1 and 2.
I never had this problem.
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You can just relog and it saves your skillbar for future use.