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I have trouble to get my gold to my account.. Everytime.. it start counting from 6 hours. After 6 hours I come to check and hope for a page without the timers(on both sites). But nope.. timers still here, and it started to count from 6 hours again.. But the problem is i cant even vote/so automatically i cant have golds(now 5 per 6 hours).  

I tried to wait 24 hours.. Timers still counting, like please boys?
I tried to wait 48 hours.. Timers still counting, likeeeeeeeeee?

How im supposted to vote every 6 hours without worrying. Is the sites/epw panel/ my account broken? My account is not hacked i think..

Thanks for answer,

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Are you sure no one else is voting from your IP? 
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Do you have roommates, siblings or such that also vote?
You can vote once every 6 hours per IP, 
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