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Halloween Patch Fake Out.. QQ

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I went to log in tonight and there was a patch and cause I'm a dork I got all excited thinking it was the Halloween patch... I log in and nothin... For reals... Can we get a hint as to when its coming??  Pretty please with cherries n sprinkles :tiger-46:

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I would love to know aswell; something everyone is on the edge of their seats for^^
However, just judging by the past Halloween Patches, I can assume it will be out on October 31st - and will last for a few days afterwards.
Only a guess though  :)
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With no content patches since Sep 5th, it would be nice to get it early. But that's just me being greedy. :'(


We will probably get the 6% RPD vitality time back <333

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I heard 1 week after halloween 

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No more patches, ever. Sorry.

Just kidding. Probably soon.

Take care, lovelies! ♥

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no halloween patch??? ??

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Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan.
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Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan.
Finally..... :)

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Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan.
Reminds me of those shops that permanently have signs saying "Today no credit, Tomorrow yes", LOL.

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on the patch v121 aga said maybe later tonight.. I am sooo hoping tonight but.... we shall see lol XDDDD
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