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Allow Absorb Soul to have a chance to deal critical damage


Absorb soul is nerfed on EPW's custom mobs. It also has been prevented from dealing critical damage on players. Since absorb soul has a really long channeling time why not allow it to deal critical damage?

Instant cast is almost impossible to achieve in this server so please bring back what is taken away from Mystics.

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nah, learn to play instead lmao

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im not sure how low under the sea ur iq is situated..............
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Please ban this abomination again


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There are mystics that don't even spin to cast the skill, obviously it would be denied xD

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never replace your guild with randoms

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Grabs a shovel. Now lay down.

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make invigorate apply to pk damage please mystics are weak rofl
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LOOOL that insta deny though.

So like, instead of denying his request, let's just ban him?  :police:

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im not sure how low under the sea ur iq is situated..............
very looooooooooooow

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