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Epic Perfect World- Tyrants Needs Nerfed?

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idk about nerf but you def need a new computer

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Nice video noop noop  O:-) :-*
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Ty Mari, Dendoora, and Leonora

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Hehe qt music (especially the first one) and chat cover
Was fun pk just didn't last long enough :(

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I always miss the good pk, :c
OT: Good vid kyle. Learn to login more. c: This first song.....I lol'd in RL...

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Nice vid nubcake <3 i liked the first song xD   :P

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Enemy 2x our number still lose wow. Always outnumbered never outplayed. Hehe kissy kissy Hun. Clearly arti won this pk man. 

OT: Good video *destroyed men*

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wtb>umadbro song.

Anyways, #NerfTyrants. Good pk. q.q Was too busy to join in today. 

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Nerd, lol. Nice video and all of that. Fun PK.


shows what arti are without warning angledawn and the asians GVG Tyrants #1 G