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defense/attack runes

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i searched the forums to see if it has already been suggested and i don't think it has. might just be blind. if it has then i would like a link or quote from the source.

would it be possible to add a way to change defense runes into attack ones and vise versa? it's not a ground breaking feature nor is it needed right away, i just wanted to see if it's available. we're able to turn our st into runes and get them via voting points, but i have a lot of attack runes lying around from the chest digging event in arena.

thanks >: iloveyouguyshuehuehahalol <3

thanks Marea for the Sig

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They did this for SoD. So I don't see why this couldn't be done. Plus, what you said...I have a lot laying around too. Would be lovely to convert.
+1 Agatio &
 staffies xD

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also hahah u misspelled available typing this hahahah

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so fcking weird... 
+1 cuz fatmurican

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so fcking weird...
+1 cuz fatmurican
dude why make quiting threat when u back 2 days after
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dude why make quiting threat when u back 2 days after
ot: i dont see why not
did u skip reading lessons? im back? damn i didnt know, ty  ??? there's no need to be upset kid, don't start drama

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u can gimme the extra lying around att runes.
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