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About Font In Game (I and l)

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 the I and l looks same for me. it is better if we change the font. just change the I (Uppercase of i) and l (Lowercase Of L) font in game
It's very anoying for me :(

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A lot of people actually use that to their advantage for naming. Official server has changed the font a few times and it looks really bad and sucks for the ones who have names that way.  :( 
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the font is already different, you can see a clear distinction between l and upper case i, the second one has a small blank space after it 

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Im not sure why it's confusing for you, I and l look the same in most fonts, plus the only confusing word I can think of for this would be i'll. Seems like you just want a new font, -1 from me, I like the current.
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The font should stay the same but the letter (I) should more distinguished. It should be changed to a letter from a serif font that is similar to our current font.


It's easy to see. The capital i is thicker than the l. If you notice it once or twice, it'll be really easy to spot next time. Sorry, -1.

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It's easy to see. The capital i is thicker than the l. If you notice it once or twice, it'll be really easy to spot next time. Sorry, -1.
yep , this.

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you can go at you element folder->font put there whatever font you want and rename it to the names currently in there
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