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Hello everyone. A handful already know, but I will be taking a break from game until I graduate in May. I've met a lot of cool and interesting people over the last year and a half. I thank you all for the wonderful memories I have shared and created with you all. Thank you for the fun times, and thank you for putting up with me. :)

See you May 15th, 2016!!  :police:

Stay Epic.  :pig-35: :pig-4: :pig-36:


bye person, gl.

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Take care bro gl in school you have my skype if u need anything 

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awww see you , take care and good luck on what ever you doing :)

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Good luck with school.

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Thankies Lacrimosa & Narcissism
for the beautiful art!

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Bye and good luck with school.
Kiwi was here ❤